Visiting Our Schools
To keep students and staff safe, SDPC requires visitors, volunteers, and vendors to enter through the school's office and sign in to KeepnTrack. You will also be asked to show your picture ID to the receptionist, wear your KeepnTrack badge while you are in our school and sign out of KeepnTrack before you leave. Thank you for your help in following our procedures for safety in all our school!

Things to Remember on Your Visit

  • Friends of students or students from other schools are not allowed to visit during the school day.
  • While visiting the school, take care not to disrupt any instructional setting. Teachers are not able to leave their supervisory and/or instructional responsibilities to meet with parents.
  • Parents, volunteers, or other visitors are not to interfere with the supervisory or instructional responsibilities of the teachers.
  • Teachers are available to confer with parents during planning periods, before 8:00 AM and after 2:30 PM. Arrangements should be made with individual teachers or through the office for appointments with administrative staff.

Sex Offenders Registry

Pursuant to Section 23-3-535 of the 1976 Code of Laws of South Carolina, the School District of Pickens County is providing the following hyperlink to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division's Sex Offenders Registry.

Volunteering in Our Schools

Information about volunteering in our schools and facilities can be found under the SDPC Community--Volunteers.